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Blockchain launches accelerated cryptocurrency exchange

Blockchain is one of the most popular services in the world, allowing to carry out and track electronic transactions (mostly related to bitcoins), announced on Tuesday the new cryptocurrency exchange launching, known as PIT, which aims to provide transactions in microseconds for all investors, including institutional and retail ones.

After a thorough research and development conducted during the year, Blockchain stated that its data processing engine is more speedy than other crypto-exchange services. (if you want to make money in the financial market use our  forex robots)

The initiative was endorsed by such veterans of the New York Stock Exchange as UBS, Interactive Brokers, Goldman Sachs, TD Ameritrade, Revolut and Google. The start of the exchange is scheduled for August 6, 2019 and will be available for just over 200 countries with 26 pairs to begin with.

Cryptocurrency continues to be in the spotlight with its high volatility, where Bitcoin leads, adding almost 160 percent since the beginning of this year, reaching $14,000 at the end of June, returning back to the more familiar level of $9,547, having increased its value by 0, 32 percent on Tuesday.

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As for the course of altcoins, the quotes are as follows:

  • Ethereum fell by 1.27 percent, to $208.99;

  • Ripple gained 1.83 percent, to $0.3159;

  • Bitcoin Cash increased by 2.68 percent, to $313.90;

  • Litecoin went down 0.62 percent, to $90.28 on Tuesday, at 14.00 GMT.