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Peoples Bank of China Calls for Blockchain Tech Adoption

The tech departmental head of the Peoples Bank of China PBoC has called for commercial banks to embrace blockchain technology in digital finance branch, according to reports by financial companies in the framework of  Shanghai forum. Photo Pixabay By the way, the central bank of China is actually developing its own digital yuan, which as it is expected to be launched in the nearest time. The working process on its own currency was triggered by news about Facebooks Libra project. This news about Chinas plans pushed the bitcoin prices up by more than 16 percent the prior day, to touch the border more than 9,900. So, the widespread cryptocurrency gained over the weekend by near . One should also keep in mind, that not so long ago China had completely opposite opinion. This fact had repeatedly drew the bitcoin prices down. As for the cryptocurrency rates for Monday, they are as follows  Bitcoin eased by 2.48 percent, to 9373; Ethereum slipped by 1.96 percent, to 182.85; Ripple lost 0.53 percent, to 0.2966; Bitcoin Cash added 0.91 percent, to 265.70; Litecoin descended by 3.91 percent, to 58,27 at 13.42 GMT.