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Bitcoin Halving May Affect Cryptocurrency Rate Unpredictably

The world known cryptocurrency is almost 90 percent more expensive than it was at least year ago and market participants hardly plan that this is the limit of the price increase, as they have great plans for halving event. The miners39; reward for the mined block will be halved in five months. Bitcoin had get through this process twice already, and its price for the first time after the halving has increased almost 200 times, in the second up to 7. No one guarantees such a result this time. Photo Pixabay The most important event in the history of cryptocurrency, in particular for Bitcoin network, the halving will take place in May 2020. Traditionally, it makes things hard for miners, since it will become twice as difficult to make a profit from mining, because the reward will be reduced by that much. Recall, the first halving in the history of the main digital coin took place in November 2012 then for six months the asset rate increased by 120 percent from 5 to 11, after which the cryptocurrency began to increase much more sharply in price. In April 2013, the value of Bitcoin reached 230, and by December at 1,147, showing a record increase of almost 20,000 over 1 12 years. Now Bitcoin is in a situation that is not similar to what it was with the first cryptocurrency in the past times before halving. Experts believe that the value of Bitcoin will gradually increase after a reduction in the reward for the mined block, but now no one can guarantee a multiple increase…