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Advantages of automated trading

Automated Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular every year. Many novice traders are unwilling to go into the analytical features of the exchange process and turning to automated trading advisors.
By itself, the automated trading advisor is an executable program, which laid the basis for an algorithm of actions, aimed more towards fortune.

Trade manually or with the help of robots?
To learn how to predict the market and learn how to trade manually profitably, it takes years. Traders spend a lot of time developing strategies based on different methods of trading. They analyzing the charts with his mind, opening and closing positions with his own hands.
But not everyone wants to spend years studying new material, to monitor market changes, to conduct fundamental and technical analysis of schedules, etc.
Therefore, we offer automated forex robots with an already built-in embedded trading strategy. The robot will himself open and close transactions on the basis of his signals on various currency pairs at any time, set a stop-loss and take-profit, while you are working or make other business.

We recommend that every trader try our best forex robot Megastorm. This advisor is recognized as the best forex robot according to many of our clients.

About Megastorm EA

Currency pairs correlation strategy, reducing risks by using multi currency trading. It trades on 14 currency pairs with 28 robots with small lots to reduce risks. It has auto money management and it is full automatic.

Minimum deposit for trading with 0.01 lots is 800$ for standart account or 800 cents for micro cent account. Thus, you can start with any deposit amount. But if your deposit is less than $ 800, you need to reduce the number of pairs or open a cent account and trade on all 14 pairs.

Average profit 50%-300% per month in depending on market activity and risk settings.

Our support team available 24/7 and ready to help you with installation. we can use TeamViewer software to install EA on your VPS or PC. It is free for all our buyers.

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Forex robot based on whole day automated trading and ADX indicator
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Expert advisor based on CCI signals

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Let’s sum up the results
If you are an absolutely free person and you have plenty of time to sit all day in front of the monitor, you have enough perseverance and patience to catch every five-minute candle, you have enough experience and you have the financial and mathematical knowledge for daily technical analysis of the main currency parameters, you are a disciplined and well-balanced person who clearly follows his developed strategy – then manual trading is just for you and you can trade at forex profitably! Develop and make a profit.

But if you have a basic job and just want to increase your income without special risks, you do not have time to search for strategies and study all the tools of the trade, you do not have the extra funds for testing and errors, tired of taking risks and incurring losses – trade with the help of robots developed by our professionals. They contain a ready-made strategy based on various signals that are fed by indicators based on a comprehensive analysis of the movement of most currency pairs over the past 2-3 years. The adviser will be trading off-line. You just have to purchase such a robot, install it in your Metatrader 4 and watch the increase in your deposit.

Good luck, and successful trading!