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Bitcoin SV Outperforms Rivals in Gambling Operations

Gambling companies and online casinos are drawing their attention to cryptocurrencies as a possible payment tool. According to the recent nChain studies, Bitcoin SV has become the most popular payment tool in gambling.

The higher mentioned research was considering 14 most common and publicly accessible blockchains, across 23 different areas, including Ethereum, Bitcoin and BSV as well as several private private blockchains such as Hyperledger. The BSV turned to be the only blockchain to embrace limitless chain scaling, managing to process 1000-6400 transactions per second with an ability of reachment up to 4 million tps.

bitcoin sv leadsPhoto: Flickr

The ability to manage transaction volume, according to report, has vast benefits. With large transaction volumes, there is no risk of sudden network congestion slowing them down. 

Other blockchains can hardly provide the same capability, as Ethereum’s 18kb block capacity currently offers 15tps, whereas BTC’s 1MB cap limits their tps to 7.

As for the cryptocurrencies rates on Wednesday, they are as follows: 

  • Bitcoin lost 2.53 percent, trading at 6,580.36 at 1416 GMT;

  • Bitcoin SV lost 2.96 percent, to $170,63;

  • Ethereum lost 3.45 percent, to 135,31;

  • Ripple Eased by 1.86 percent, to 0,1596;

  • Bitcoin Cash dipped by 3.53 percent, to 218,80;

  • Litecoin tumbled by 3.27 percent, to 39,00.

Source: Calvinayre