Keltner channel forex robot for automated trading TEST VERSION


Limits: This test version is only for testing in strategy tester in Metatrader 4 (to see the result for previous periods)
System: Metatrader 4
Needed indicators: in zip archive
Timeframe: M15
Currency pair: GBPUSD
Limits by accounts: No


System: Metatrader 4
Needed indicators: in zip archive
Timeframe: M15
Currency pair: GBPUSD
Limits by accounts: No
Type of trading: Middle-term trading
Neural network: light
Number of signals using in trading: 4
Moneymanagement: yes
Using with other EAs: yes
Broker account: any account
Max. spreads allowed: 4 (40)
TakeProfit and StopLoss max used: 153(SL), 478(TP)
Duration of trades: average 8 hours – 4 days
Lots: 0,01 – 100
VPS or Laptop: need 24/5 online

Using indicators:
– Keltner channel indicator.
Keltner channel indicator – are volatility-based envelopes set above and below an exponential moving average. This indicator is similar to Bollinger Bands, which use the standard deviation to set the bands. Instead of using the standard deviation, Keltner Channels use the Average True Range (ATR) to set channel distance. The channels are typically set two Average True Range values above and below the 20-day EMA. The exponential moving average dictates direction and the Average True Range sets channel width. Keltner Channels are a trend following indicator used to identify reversals with channel breakouts and channel direction. Channels can also be used to identify overbought and oversold levels when the trend is flat.
Indicators based on channels, bands and envelopes are designed to encompass most price action. Therefore, moves above or below the channel lines warrant attention because they are relatively rare. Trends often start with strong moves in one direction or another. A surge above the upper channel line shows extraordinary strength, while a plunge below the lower channel line shows extraordinary weakness. Such strong moves can signal the end of one trend and the beginning of another.
With an exponential moving average as its foundation, Keltner Channels are a trend following indicator. As with moving averages and trend following indicators, Keltner Channels lag price action. The direction of the moving average dictates the direction of the channel. In general, a downtrend is present when the channel moves lower, while an uptrend exists when the channel moves higher. The trend is flat when the channel moves sideways.
A channel upturn and break above the upper trendline can signal the start of an uptrend. A channel downturn and break below the lower trendline can signal the start a downtrend. Sometimes a strong trend does not take hold after a channel breakout and prices oscillate between the channel lines. Such trading ranges are marked by a relatively flat moving average. The channel boundaries can then be used to identify overbought and oversold levels for trading purposes.

Profit chart

What do you need for trading with advisor:

  • Open broker account or use existing.
  • PC, Laptop or VPS for trading software (Metatrader 4) from your broker (PC must be online 24/5).
    To ensure the 24-hour operation of the Metatrader 4 we recommend this Forex VPS Provider:
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  • initial deposit on broker account for trading;
  • pack of expert advisors from our shop.

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